My Little Sweet Store

My Little Sweet Store is a cute shop management game. Earn the highest ranking in all areas and be the best sweet store in town.

This game is made by two students in 2 weeks, it's rough but hope you like it!

How to play:

  • There are three stations each with 3 jobs, get all the jobs in the station at a 3 star ranking to get the station ranking at 3 stars.
  • The star ranking of a job depends on the jobs stats compared to your selected stats. If you double job stats, the values are multiplied. Triple them and you can earn a three star ranking for the job.
  • Jobs have needed skill stats, it also shows the money earnings, how much the job cost and how long it takes. These are also effected by bonus multipliers.

Creators - 

Art: Lanyouzi (Zilan Hang) (Chinese & English)

Programming: Skatus12 (Karina Peneha)

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